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At TavLab, we leverage AI to enhance healthcare by driving innovation and enabling smarter solutions. We focus on AI for critical care, public health and actionable social medicine. Our goal is to empower medical professionals with advanced tools and insights.

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Areas of Expertise

Image of AI for Critical Care

AI for Critical Care

Modern ICUs are equipped with a large number of sensors that generate humongous amounts of data besides a large number of clinical investigations. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and frugal open-source technologies such as low-cost noncontact thermal monitoring can be effective for shock management.

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Image of AI for Infectious Diseases

AI for Infectious Diseases

We leverage cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to combat infectious disease threats.

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Image of AI for Genomics

AI for Genomics

The genome sequence data can be used to predict new cases of COVID-19 strain and other related disorders. Sequencing data are made routinely available via various national and global consortia for genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV2.

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Image of AI for Public Healthcare

AI for Public Healthcare

AI is used to provide accurate information matched against WHO recommendations and delivered in an understandable format in local languages using various apps. AI can be used for harmonizing FAIR Datasets for Evidence Synthesis from Heterogeneous Datasets.

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